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  Group members

Karavaev Anatoly Sergeevich


Professor, Dr. Dr. (Doctor of Sciences in the field of Physics and Mathematics) University positions (Saratov State University):
  • Professor, 2020-now
  • Associate Professor, 2009-2020
  • Assistant Professor, 2006-2008
  • Engineer, 2003-2006
Scientific positions:
  • Leader Researcher, Saratov State Medical University
  • Senior Researcher, Institute of RadioEngineering and Electronics of RAS

Scientific interests:

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Data analysis
  • Radiophysical engineering
  • Live systems
Interests: tourism, trophy-racing

Teaching disciplines:

  • Programming: C / C ++, Delphi, Assembler, etc.
  • Analysis and data processing
  • Analog and digital electronics, microcontrollers, signal processors, FPGA
  • Biomedical Engineering

Grants and research projects:

Head of Grants of the President of the Russian Federation, RFBR, CRDF, Dynasty Fund, Bortnik Fund
Researcher and executive officer of Megagrants, RSF, FTP, RFBR, etc.

The international cooperation:

Internships, contract work, participation in working groups, seminars in Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Italy

Main scientific publications:

h-index: 10
About 300 scientific publications, including:
Monographs, patents, manuals, software registration certificates
Main scientific articles:
  1. Kiselev A.R. et al. Low-frequency variability in photoplethysmographic waveform and heart rate during on-pump cardiac surgery with or without cardioplegia // Scientific Reports, 2020
  2. Karavaev A.S. et al. Autonomic control is a source of dynamical chaos in the cardiovascular system // CHAOS, 2019
  3. Karavaev A.S. et al. Synchronization of infra-slow oscillations of brain potentials with respiration // CHAOS, 2018
  4. Karavaev A.S. et al. Model of human cardiovascular system with a loop of autonomic regulation of the mean arterial pressure // J of the American Society of Hypertension, 2016
  5. Kiselev A.R. et al. A comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular autonomic control using photoplethysmograms recorded from earlobe and fingers // Physiological Measurement, 2016
  6. Ponomarenko V.I. et al. An experimental digital communication scheme based on chaotic time-delay system // Nonlinear Dynamics, 2013
  7. Tass P. et al. The causal relationship between subcortical local field potential oscillations and parkinsonian resting tremor // J of Neural Engineering, 2010
  8. Karavaev A.S. et al. Synchronization of low-frequency oscillations in the human cardiovascular system // CHAOS, 2009
  9. Prokhorov M.D. et al. Reconstruction of time-delayed feedback systems from time series // Physica D, 2005
  10. Bezruchko B.P. et al. Reconstruction of time-delay systems from chaotic time series // Physical Review E, 2001

Business address

RUSSIA, 410012, Saratov city, st. Bolshaya Kazachaya str., 112A, VIII building, room 114
FNBMT, Department of Dynamic Modeling and Biomedical Engineering
Phone: +7 (845-2) 52-46-89.
RUSSIA, 410019, Saratov city, Zelenaya str., 38, SF IRE RAS SF-6
Phone: +7 (845-2) 39-12-55.

e-mail: karavaevas@gmail.com

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4678-3648
ResearcherID: D-8137-2013
AuthorID: 128455

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