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Horev Vladimir Sergeevich

- Student of faculty of nano- and biomedical technologies.

Was born December, 7, 1987 in Gomel.


2005 Graduated from school №59 with gold medal.

Participation in Olympiads and conferences

  1. 1 place on regional Olympiad in Russian language (1999).
  2. 2 place on regional Olympiad in Biology (2000).
  3. 1 place on regional Olympiad in Geography (2001).
  4. 3 place on regional Olympiad in Biology (2001).
  5. 1 place on regional school Olympiad (brain-ring) (2001).
  6. 1 place on regional Olympiad in biology (2002).
  7. The diploma of 3 degrees on city Olympiad on geography (2002).
  8. 3 place at city scientific - practical conference "Modern political-legal technologies", 2003.
  9. Delivery of a memorable mark "Hope of Province", 2003.
  10. 2 place at city scientific-practical conference "Modern political-legal technologies", 2004.
  11. 3 place on regional Olympiad in English language (2004).
  12. 2 place on regional Olympiad in History (2004).
  13. 2 place on regional Olympiad in the English language (2005).
  14. Prize-winning places at regional competition of educational resources (2005).
  15. 3 place in the Championship of younger league of intellectual games "Hive", 2006.
  16. The basic publications

    1. Bezruchko B.P., Ponomarenko V.I., Prohorov M.D., Bodrov M.B., Kararvaev А.S., Horev V.S.Synchronization between breath and process with frequency 0,1 Hz in cardiovascular system of the human // Theses of VII international scientific and technical conference "Physics and radio electronics in medicine and ecologies - PREME 2006 ". Vladimir, 2006, With. 167-170.
    2. А.S. Karavaev, V.S. Horev Using of the surrogat data for testing a method of an estimation of a level of phase synchronization// Materials I of conference of young scientists " Nanoelectronics, nanophotonic and nonlinear physics ", Saratov, 2006,-C.62-63.
    3. V.S. Horev, A.S. Karavaev Use of the surrogat data at research synchronization systems on experimental data // the Collection of materials of scientific school conference " Nonlinear days in Saratov for young - 2000 ", Saratov: Pub-in StateUNC "College", 2006. (it is accepted for printing).
    4. A.S. Karavaev, M.G. Agapova, Е.V. Sidak V.S. Horev "Investigation of the phase synchronization between rhythms of a human cardio-vascular system: development of the hardware-software complex", Proceedings of the Panrussion contest of innovation projects "Live systems", Kirov, 2006. P. 55-59.

    e-mail: zergs@inbox.ru

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